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International Organisations

Find below a representative list of the international organisations for which we have carried out work. To find out more about
our wide circle of customers please choose one of the following links (clients sorted alphabetically by country of origin)

A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z

International Organisations

  • African Project Development Facility
  • Asian Development Bank
  • Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation
  • International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (The World Bank)
  • International Finance Corporation
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)
  • European Bank for Regional Development (EBRD)
  • European Union (PHARE and TACIS Programmes)

Abu Dhabi

  • Government of Abu Dhabi
  • General ndustries Corporation


  • Department d’Etudes Industrielles et Technologiques, Algiers.


  • Permanent Commission for Industrial Development
  • Comphania Industrial e Comercial de Angola

Arab Republic of Egypt

  • Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • Al Nasr Company for Sugar and Pulp Industry
  • Andrew Crookston & Co. Ltd.
  • Bank Misr
  • Egyptian Salt and Soda Co. Ltd.
  • Kafr el Zayt Cotton Co.
  • The Egyptian Cotton General Organisation


  • Alejandro Bonfati S.A.
  • Compania Argentina de Pesca
  • F.I.FA.C.O.


  • General Petroleum Industries Corporation


  • Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh – Plannin Commission


  • Cockerill-Ougree. Providence et Esperance-Longdoz S.A.
  • I’Interncommunicale du Brabant Wallon (I.B.W)


  • Government of Brunei


  • UNITECH Lathes
  • Polyplast Plastics


  • Arctic Canada Gas Transmission Company
  • Provincial Engineering Ltd.
  • Victory Mills Ltd.


  • Government of Cyprus


  • DONG


  • Ministry of Trade & Industry


  • Ethiopian Petroleum Share Company


  • Government of Ghana


  • Ministry of Co-ordination
  • Centre of Planning and Economic Research
  • The Phillipou Group


  • Assam Pulp Mills Ltd.
  • Nagarjuna Fertilizers Ltd.


  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Industries
  • National Indonesian Oil and Gas Co. PERTAMINA
  • P.T. Krakatu Steel C


  • Ali-Dad and Abolbashar Farmanfarmaian
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources


  • Vegetable Oil Extraction Co. S.A.


  • National Institute for Physical Planning and Construction Research


  • Noy Vallinsina SPa
  • AGIP


  • Government of Jordan


  • East African Industrial Management Board


  • Lebanon Chemical Co.


  • Achema Fertiliser Company

Maghreb Countries

  • Centre d’Etudes Industrielles du Maghreb


  • Ministry of Finance
  • Maroc Chimie S.A.


  • Middle East Industrial Development Project Corporation S.A.


  • Ultramar Banking Corporation


  • The Federal Government
  • NAFCON Fertilizer Company


  • Norsk Hydro
  • Connoco
  • Statoil


  • Ominvest Salt Project


  • Companhia União Fabril
  • Gremio dos Industriais de Oleos Vegetais


  • Qatar General Petroleum Corporation


  • Oltchim Chemicals


  • Kavminstemlo Glass Works
  • Aruest Aerosol Factory


Saudi Arabia

  • Nabati Vegetable Oil Factory


  • Hong Thye Tea Ltd.


  • Compañia Auxiliar para el Comercio y la Industria

Sri Lanka

  • Government of Sri Lanka


  • L. De Roll, S.A.


  • National Planning Commission
  • El Sheikh Mustafa El Amin and Sons Ltd.


  • Royal Government of Thailand


  • Société Nationale Tunisienne de Cellulose


  • Koruma Tarim Ilaclair A.S.
  • Turyag S.A.


  • Government
    of Uganda

United Kingdom

  • Amoco
  • British Gas
  • British Petroleum
  • Burmah Castrol
  • Albrigh and Wilson Ltd.
  • Borax Consolidated Ltd.
  • British Industrial Sand ltd.
  • Brown & Polson Ltd.
  • Chevron
  • Clyde Oil Extraction Co. Ltd.
  • Cove and Kilcreggan Burgh Council
  • The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations
  • English Electric Computer Ltd.
  • Exxon
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Overseas Development Administration
  • High Polymer and Petro-Chemical Engineering Ltd.
  • Huntsman Chemicals
  • Merseyside County Council
  • Mobil
  • National Coal Board
  • Nutrex Ltd.
  • Nypro (UK) Ltd.
  • Phillips
  • Renfrew Borough Council
  • Scottish Office
  • Shankland/Cox Partnership
  • Soya Foods Ltd.
  • Stanton Staveley Ltd. (Stewarts & Lloyds)
  • Staveley Chemicals Ltd.
  • Tees-side County Borough Council
  • Total Marine Oil
  • Wilmslow Urban District Council
  • Wimpey Waste Management


  • Atlantic Richfield Oil
  • Williams Field Services
  • Connoco
  • Wallace O’Connor


  • Ministry of Economy


  • FENI-Skopje
  • Organsko Hemijska Industrija

Countries we have worked in

Using our extensive experience in engineering consultancy, we have offered process and equipment design, valuation and project management services to countries across the globe.

Our work in the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries has benefited companies and agencies around the world. We’ve worked with clients everywhere from Bangladesh to Belgium, Ghana to Great Britain, the USA to the United Arab Emirates and more.


Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, United Kingdom

Middle East

Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen

North America

Canada, United States of America

Central & South America

Bahamas, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago


Algeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Comoros, Cote d’Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tunisia, Uganda, Zimbabwe

Asia & Oceania

Bangladesh, China, Fiji,India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Global consultancy services

We use our intimate knowledge of the oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries to offer tailored consultancy services to our global clients. This may include project cost estimates, feasibility studies, and much more.

Expert witness services

In addition to consultancy work, we also have extensive experience in offering expert witness services to both the UK High Court and the International Court of Arbitration.

We have prepared and presented a range of scientific and engineering evidence in a number of complex cases. We have worked with international law firms and on behalf of multinational oil and resource companies on a range of legal matters.

Our work spans numerous countries and continents. If you’d like to tap into our knowledge and expertise, contact us to discuss your requirements – whatever part of the world you are in.

Process and Industrial Engineering & Expert Witnessing Experience

The Manderstam International Group of Consulting Engineers performs work world-wide for various clients.

If you are interested in knowing what kind of work we have performed please visit the assignments page for brief descriptions of recent projects.

To find out where we have worked visit the countries page.

And, on the clients page you will find a list of the companies we have worked for.

Assignments in Process and Industrial Engineering & Expert Witnessing

Africa | Asia | Western Europe | Eastern Europe | Middle East | South America | USA & Canada

A list of the Manderstam International Group’s recent assignments throughout the world by their consulting engineers.



  • Development
    of national vegetable oil, fats industry.


  • Palm Oil project.


  • Market and technical study – glass production.
  • Leather industry-tanning and shoe manufacture.
  • Salt production and building materials.


  • Brewery
    construction supervision


  • Plastic containers, cardboard.


  • Expert witness on fertiliser plant.
  • Production of metal extruded products, paper and board production.


  • Rehabilitation of vegetable oil and soap factory.
  • Detailed design of cotton ginnery.


  • Audit of paper mill.
  • Audit of NAFCON fertiliser production.


  • Development of food processing industries.
  • Development of wood processing industries.



  • Cotton ginning and storage. Cotton seed processing.


  • Utilisation of natural gas.


  • Industrial trouble shooting on 26 metallurgical and plastics


  • Ammonia, urea and NPK complex., vitamin C manufacture.


  • Offshore/onshore ammonia and urea complex – Kalimantan.
  • Developments of integrated steel complex, Cilegon – Java.
  • Propylene and polypropylene from refinery gases. Power generation for petrochemical complex – Palembang.
  • Expansion and rehabilitation of marine salt production – Madura.


  • Penicillin production plant. Chemical synthesis plant and downstream packaging of final dosage forms.

Western Europe


  • Incinerator for household and industrial wastes.


  • Development of national iron and steel industry – planning studies.
    Development of national petroleum refining, petrochemical fertiliser industries.


  • Fertiliser
    distribution and marketing – national study.

United Kingdom

  • Sulphuric acid oleum, caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen, caprolactam grade cyclohexane from crude benzole.
  • Hydrodesulpherisation and catalyst trouble shooting.
  • Safety assessments.
  • Hazop analysis.
  • Styrene monomer, pipeline, pumps, offloading and storage – detailed design and construction.
  • Expert witness – Texaco oil refinery – Total St Fergus gas processing, Kenyan fertilisers.

Eastern Europe


  • PVC, polyester products production, machine tools.


  • Audit of fertiliser complex at J SC Achema.


  • PVC emulsion polymerisation plant.-plant audit and design of upgrade modifications.


  • Market and technical studies for aerosol packing and filling, and glass bottle manufacture.


  • Techno economic study of micro propagation of seed potatoes.

Middle East


  • Urea transportation.
  • Urea production facility.


  • Industrial Opportunity Survey.
  • Hazop survey at fertiliser plant.


  • Rehabilitation of national cotton ginning industry (10 complexes).


  • Complex for the production of agrochemicals.


  • Manufacture of VCM/PVC from Sebkha salt and ethylene.


  • Salt production plant.


  • Oil and gas field development including wellhead design, transmission
    lines, gas treatment and NGL plants.
  • Water storage tanks; detailed design.

Saudi Arabia

  • Inception of a large industrial park.
  • Argon Gas Production.
  • Project managers for vegetable oil refinery.
  • Margarine and ice cream market survey.
  • Paper packaging plant.
  • Cosmetics factory – technical audit.

United Arab Emirates

  • Full market and technical studies of production of PVC fittings, perfume, gold jewellery and sparkling water.

South America


  • Tannery waste and environmental study.


  • Rehabilitation of fluid catalytic cracking unit.

Equatorial Guinea

  • Rehabilitation studies of vegetable oil factories.

USA and Canada


  • Feasibility study for production of LNG in Arctic region.


  • Benchmarking study of gas processing plants and pipeline systems.

Manderstam Key Personnel

Our Personnel covers a wide area of consulting engineering expertise with specialisms in various industries.

Here is a list of our key personnel:

  • J A Rakestraw – ARCS PhD FBIM
  • P D Lumley – BSc CEng MIMechE
  • Pudjadi Soekarno (Indonesia)
  • A V N Priest -DipEng FIMechE MCIB
  • A H Faribourne – CEng MICE
  • S Freeman – BSc MIChemE
  • J Davies – BSc
  • I F C S Clayre – PhD FICE MISWM
  • D S Huges BSc – FInstPet
  • P H Wilson – MIChemE MInstF FIinstPet
  • D Glynn – BSc CEng MIChemE
  • J J Rowntree – MA MSc DipAg
  • G B Timms – FIME FIW CAE
  • C Megrelis – BEng (France)
  • P Cable – FCA
  • P Attenboro – MBA MA(Oxon)
  • C Hartland Peel – MBA BA FCA
  • H G Chlala (consultant) – BSc CEng FIM
  • Saleh El Shorbani (consultant) – BSc DipEng Phd


Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.

History of Major Manderstam

Len Manderstam

Major L. H. Manderstam was born at Riga in Tsarist Russia. He joined the Red Army as a teenager during the Revolution but became anti-Bolshevik. Thrown into the Lubianka, he escaped the firing squad by sheer luck.

After graduating from the University of Riga, he studied at Jena and the Sorbonne and then emigrated to South Africa, where he joined the giant General Mining company.

Recruited to SOE, he went to Angola. There he arranged the capture of a Vichy ship, sabotaged U-Boat fuel supplies and destroyed Nazi sisal stores. Sent to Portugal and Spain, Manderstam's Memoir he disrupted wolfram supplies to Germany.

He was appointed head of SOE’s Russian section and
led protests against the forcible repatriation of millions of Soviet prisoners.

After the war he built up his own multi-million pounds oil and chemicals consultancy business which is Manderstam International Group.

History of Manderstam International Group

Len Manderstam

This firm of consulting engineers was founded by Mr Manderstam in 1941 commencing active operations in the early 1950s in chemical engineering and in particular soaps, vegetable oils and fats.

After the Second World War Mr. Manderstam continued his high-level contacts with many wartime resistance leaders who subsequently became leading politicians in Africa and south-east Asia. The company retained its links to ex-service personnel and even into the 1980s there were a number of ex-SAS officers working in the firm. Read more about the history of Major Manderstam.

The firm grew along with many other similar firms of consulting engineers such as Eubank & Partners, W. S. Atkins, Binie and Partners, Mott MacDonald all of whom are now major corporate entities either through growth, acquisition or takeover. All these firms were based in and around Victoria Street in London SW1, alongside major contractors such as Humphrey and Glasgow’s, all servicing the major oil companies, also located in Victoria Street.

From the late 60s and into the 1990s Manderstam grew into a substantial firm and
provided detailed engineering services to oil companies and economic feasibility studies to the United Nations, the World Bank and other International Agencies and Governments. Manderstam were the expert witnesses at the Flixborough disaster enquiry and wrote the United Nations Handbook on oil processing which is still used today. In 2008, Manderstam were employed as expert witnesses in the Buncefield explosion in 2005. The BBC has an explanation of the disaster here.

Mr. Manderstam died in 1984 however the business was purchased by the employees and continued as it is today, retaining its unique technical expertise and highly personalised approach to the work undertaken for its clients.


Manderstam Current Services

Manderstam has developed over the last 15 years into providing a ’boutique’ technical resource for professional service groups; providing technical expert witness services to the top city and regional law firms, techno-economic feasibility studies for management consultancies, accountancy practices, government agencies and private investors on manufacturing projects.

Manderstam has also developed over the last 14 years substantial benchmarking databases and expertise in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. In particular Manderstam has developed a methodology for using complexity factors for normalisation of cost man-hours of different sizes and types of process plants.

Manderstam International Group is now one of the few remaining independent consulting engineers and retains a tremendously broad technical experience and lengthy client list in process and industrial engineering.

About Manderstam

The Manderstam International Group is one of the few remaining international consultancies which can genuinely claim to be absolutely independent and have no connections, either directly or indirectly, with any contractor, supplier of plant and equipment, manufacture of products or licensor processes.

London office reception

Because of its complete independence the Manderstam International Group operates solely in the best interest of the Client.


Company Background

The Manderstam International Group is a British company. The organisation was formed in 1941. Local offices in the UK, Europe, Indonesia, Africa, South America and the Middle East support the registered offices of the Group in the United Kingdom.

Associate consultant relationships existing many other countries.

Read about the history of Manderstam.


About Our Services

Most of our work is carried out overseas. The Group has completed assignments in more than eighty-five countries throughout the world. Clients include The World Bank, EBRD, EEC, UN, IBRD, UNIDO, Regional Development Banks, governments, national agencies, British Petroleum, British Gas, Shell, Total, Exxon, Arco, Statoil, Phillips, Amoco and private companies.

Fields of experience in the Group are wide and include oil/gas development, engineering, agriculture, food/feed processing, petroleum refining, petrochemicals, fertilisers and pesticides, heavy chemicals, textiles, steel production, industrial engineering, pollution control, railway engineering, pulp and paper.

The services provided range from feasibility, marketing and investment studies to design, tendering, bid, assessment, procurement, construction supervision and plant commissioning, staff recruitment, management and training.

Please choose from the left menu for more detailed information about our areas of expertise.

The group’s associate partners are: Sphere Environmental Consultants (London), EXA International (France), EMCO (Egypt), Godfrey Heath & Spearing (Abu Dhabi).

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