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Chemicals and Fertilisers

We bring over 50 years of experience, across 90 different countries, to the chemicals and fertilisers industry. We take a scientific, unbiased approach in all our recommendations and, as independent consultants, we act only in our clients’ best interests.

Farm vehicle spreading fertiliser to crops

We offer comprehensive design and investigation services in:

  • Salt-based industries – caustic soda, chlorine, soda ash
  • Ammonia production – from solid fuels, fuel oils, naphtha and natural gas
  • Fertilisers – nitric acid, nitrogenous and NPK fertilisers
  • Phosphoric, boric, sulphuric and hydrochloric acid
  • Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides


Our consultancy services

Using our wealth of experience, our team of industry experts can offer a tailored consultancy service based around your business’s needs. We have worked with international governments, national agencies and multinational companies.

Our chemicals and fertilisers industry services can include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing plans
  • Investment policies
  • Assistance with loan negotiations
  • Pre-engineering designs
  • Spec. for international tender
  • Contract negotiations and drafting of contracts
  • Negotiation of licences
  • Financial control
  • Collation of manuals
  • Review of safety procedures
  • Appraisal of raw materials
  • Advice on best use of fertilisers


The international market for fertilisers is kept constantly under review, so it’s important to work with consultants who have an intimate knowledge of the industry. Contact us today to discuss how our chemical and fertiliser consultancy services could benefit you.

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