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Engineering Clinic

Manderstam has a wealth of market and technical information which is not readily accessible from the public domain.

This unique resource has been built up over 60 years of work in the process and mechanical engineering industries, specifically in niche market sectors in many unusual locations throughout the world.


Process and Mechanical Engineering Questions

We are now able to offer an engineering forum service for the benefit of our existing and potential clients. This is a new service:

Manderstam will answer questions of market and technical matters, without any obligation, within 48 hours.

Please try out this service simply by sending us an E-mail with your particular question and see how well we perform!

Please note that Manderstam can not take any responisbility for technical faliures and other events beyond Manderstam’s control resulting in, for example, unsuccessful delivery of emails etc. If you, contrary to expectation, have sent us a question and not received an answer after 48 hours we recommend you to give us a call instead, alternatively trying to send the email again.

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