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The Manderstam International Group, London (MIGL) was formed in 1941, has experience in 85 countries and offers a full consultancy in the following fields: oil, gas, petroleum refining, gas to liquids and biofuels, petrochemicals and gas technology, power generation, pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and pesticides, chemicals and allied industries, processing of minerals, food, agriculture and agro-industries, pulp and paper, textiles, cement, pollution control, metallurgical industries, project management and control, staff selection and training. Full expert witness and litigation services. Approved by the UK Law Society. Manderstam is certified by the Law Society as Legal Witness

You can take advantage of MIGL's new interactive engineering clinic where they will answer your marketing and technical questions within 48 hours!

Latest News: Manderstam involved in the civil litigation over the Buncefield oil storage tank explosion.

Expert Witness Services
Expert Witness Services We have that vital exposure to the preparation & presentation of scientific & engineering evidence to the High Court and International Court of Arbitration. Our experts have prepared expert reports read more
Process Engineering
Process Engineering We have a strong background in the oil/gas, pharmaceutical, cement, pulp & paper industries. We have worked for BP, Shell, Chevron, British Gas, Total, Exxon to name a few ... read more
Industrial Engineering
Industrial Engineering We have one of the most versatile teams of production engineers. All have proven track records in line management across a complete spectrum of heavy to light engineering in both volume read more
Process Engineering in Benchmarking Manderstam carries out global benchmarking studies in oil refineries, processing plants, marine terminals, offshore platforms, pipelines & petrochemical complexes. We hold a global database of cost & performance indices. read more
Feasibility Studies
Feasibility Studies The success of any industrial venture depends on the thorough investigation and assessment of all the factors affecting the project. The services provided by Manderstam from inception of the... read more
Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals We can provide comprehensive design & investigation services in oil & gas transportation systems from the wellhead through flowlines, oil & gas separation & treatment both onshore & offshore, subsea read more
Chemicals & Fertilisers
Chemicals and Fertilisers Comprehensive design & investigation services in Salt based industries, caustic soda, chlorine, soda ash. Ammonia production from solid fuels, fuel oils, naphtha read more
Pharmaceuticals & Bioengineering
Bio-engineering We can provide comprehensive design and investigation services in Penicillin production & chemical synthesis. Downstream packaging of final dosage forms. Vitamin C production. read more
Mineral Resources & Metallurgical
Mineral Resources and Metallurgical We provide services in Coal, magnesium / copper production. Steel production including mini steel mills & foundries. Ferro magnetic materials production. read more
Food, Agriculture, Paper & Textiles
Food, Agriculture and Textiles We have given services in Fisheries, poultry-grandparents and parent stock poultry breeding programmes and fish breeding. Macro agricultural planning studies involving land-use planning. read more
Environmental, Health & Safety
Environmental, Health and Safety We have implemented cost-effective systems of environmental management to meet policy and regulatory constraints, minimising actual or potential liability whilst promoting environmental awareness. read more
Off Sites & Utilities
Off Sites and Utilities Comprehensive basic and detailed design of complete utility systems for steam and power generation for process plants. Water treatment. Effluent treatment. read more
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