Food Processing, Fibres & Agriculture Industries Expert Witness

The Manderstam Group has carried out numerous consultancy assignments, studies and legal assignments in over 90 countries throughout the world.

Trusted Across the Globe

with Clients from the World Bank to UNIDO

Specialist marketing, building, economic and technical expertise in the textile and garment industries – partnering  with the Textile Institute UK – and the food processing and agriculture industries.

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Our Fertiliser & Ammonia Specialities:

  • Agriculture:
  • Crop availability assessment
  • Crop cost analysis and agricultural economics
  • Handling/storage of agricultural produce
  • Institutional aspects
  • Macro agricultural planning studies involving land-use planning
  • Fisheries, poultry-grandparents and parent stock poultry breeding
  • Food Processing:
  • Fruit, dessert and tomato processing, canning, freeze(dry)ing, packaging.
  • Mineral water production lines.
  • Coffee processing
  • Bakeries, cereals and biscuits
  • Starch
  • Glucose and confectionery


  • Fats and vegetable oils:
  • Extraction
  • Refining and hydrogenation
  • Soap making
  • Fat splitting and glycerine
  • Margarine and ice-cream
  • Shortening and ghee
  • Fatty alcohols
  • Oil cake and meal
  • Pulp, textiles and paper:
  • Pulp
  • Paper
  • Chipboard
  • Plywood
  • Cotton ginning, storage and handling.
  • Textile spinning and weaving
  • Textile training institutes
  • Leather & Footwear:
  • Enzyme production
  • Skin and hide preparation
  • Leather processing, footwear manufacture


Thanks for all your hard work on the case over the last year.

I was very impressed by your performance under cross examination and in the hot tubbing session. You got the tone absolutely spot-on in terms of explaining your position with authority whilst recognising your obligations to be a neutral expert.

Partner at Holman Fenwick Willan LLP,
London-December 2017


I wanted to thank you again for all your help and all the time you put in preparing for the hearing. I know cross-examination isn’t fun, but on the whole I thought you went well and you stood your ground.– I have enjoyed working with you and learning just enough about LPG plants to be dangerous

Partner at Bird & Bird,
London-April 2017


Thank you so much to you and all your team for all your hard work on your report. We think it is a very good piece of work.

Management at Saipem Contractors
France & Italy- October 2016


Thanks to everybody for the excellent work done before and during the last intense week.

Counsel at Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP

Washington DC - April 2015

Our Expert Witness Services Includes

Expert advice and independent expert opinion

Site and equipment surveys

Process design reviews

Review of construction records

Examing compliance issues

Investigation of process and mechanical design defects, disruptions or delays

Years Of Experience In Fertiliser Activities

Our chemical division and partner specialists are continually involved in fertiliser activities, with extensive experience in the review, design, engineering and control of major ammonia and urea projects.

Oils, Fats & Alkyd Resins

Oilseeds production and processing specialists:

  • Market Studies
  • Sectoral Studies
  • Techno-Econouic Studies
  • Project Engineering - Co-ordination of Implementation

Cotton & Fibres Multidisciplinary

Experience operating in a variety of developing countries and particularly Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

  • Field work
  • Breeding
  • Pesticides
  • Ginning industry
  • Seed multiplication
  • Vegetable oil extraction
  • Socio-economic appraisals
  • Delintering
  • Varietal selection and cultural practices
  • Marketing of end products

Skilled In Your Field

Unbiased technical guidance

  • Feasibility, design, tendering, supervision of construction and start-up of new projects
  • Pollution control for new and existing mills.

Case study

Vegetable Oil production experience

A preliminary study was carried out for the Government of Algeria on behalf of UNIDO, on the existing state of the vegetable oil industry in Algeria.

This covered the agricultural and marketing aspects of oil production and the processing of oils and fats into a range of derivatives such as margarine, fatty acids, but the alkyd resins and soaps, glycerol. This led to a study of the feasibility of establishing two new large solvent extraction and soap complexes.


Industry Experience Worldwide

Satisfied clients in Food Processing, Fibres, Agri and Agro

Salt Industries - Expert of Choice

Trusted By Major International Concerns

Oman Government, UNIDO, Caribbean Development Bank, Omnivest,
Egyptian Government Salt and Soda Co Ltd, Iran Government.

Edible & Preservatives

As well as being vital to the human diet, salt is important as an antiseptic and preservative. The normal urban per capita consumption is around 10kg per annum, with the foodstuffs processing industry of highly developed countries (canning, baking, fish and meat packing, curing and tanning of hides) accounting for another 5kg per head per annum.

Chemical derivatives of salt

Worldwide, the main use for salt is as a feedstock for chlorine and sodium chemicals (the chloralkali industry) and may amount to 60–90% of demand in industrialised countries.

The leading chlorine derivative is the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), usually manufactured from ethylene and chlorine. Next in importance is hydrochloric acid, used in metal processing (commonly steel), oil well acidizing and starch hydrolysis. Chlorine itself is used for water purification, textile bleaching and pulp and paper manufacture.

Salt derivatives number in the hundreds, and also include soda ash and sodium bicarbonate.