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Experience providing expert witness services and court testimony in over 90 countries, delivering forensic expert witness and litigation services to the High Court and International Court of Arbitration.
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What Is An Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness at Manderstam is an individual with expert knowledge within a certain field or discipline. We handpick the most suitable representative for your case to ensure that we are able to provide independent expert reports for your case. Our Expert Witnesses will provide impartial, truthful and independent opinions, even if they do not help your case. They are there to provide an expert opinion on their areas of expertise to the court.

What Is An Expert Witness Report?

The purpose of an expert witness report is to provide an expert opinion on the case. This is mainly to provide the court with an experts opinion in order to allow a decision to be made on the dispute. Within the report, the facts and the expert opinion will be clearly separated.

Industry Specialisms

We have particular specialism as an oil and gas expert witness, and have unparalleled experience in the preparation and presentation of scientific and engineering evidence to the High Court and International Court of Arbitration.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Expert reports and evidence on design, materials and construction of oil, gas and petrochemical plants and piping.

Process Engineering

Expert reports and evidence on design, materials and construction of oil, gas and petrochemical plants and piping.

Mineral & Metallurgy

Over 50 years experience providing metallurgy and mineral expertise, legal and investigation services across the globe.

Chemicals & Fertilisers

Unmatched experience in the engineering and control of major ammonia-urea and fertiliser projects.

Industrial Engineering

Proven litigation experience across heavy industry to light engineering, from volume and batch manufacturing.

Mechanical Design & Quality

Expert reports, ISO assurance and evidence in complex cases on behalf of multinational manufacturing companies.

Pharma & Bioengineering

Evidence given on design, construction and procurement of pharmaceutical plants and equipment.

Food, Fibres & Agriculture

Specialist legal and technical expertise in the textile, pulp, food processing, agriculture and agro industries.

Environmental Health & Safety

Internationally-recognised expertise in policy and regulatory constraints for cost-effective environmental management

Worldwide Expertise

Specialist experience in almost 90 countries

Manderstam offer expert witness services, approved by the UK Law Society, with unparalleled oil, gas and petroleum expertise. We also boast enormous engineering consultancy experience.

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  • Development of national vegetable oil, fats industry.


  • Palm Oil project.


  • Market and technical study – glass production.
  • Leather industry-tanning and shoe manufacture.
  • Salt production and building materials.


  • Brewery construction supervision.


  • Plastic containers, cardboard.


  • Expert witness on fertiliser plant.
  • Production of metal extruded products, paper and board production.


  • Rehabilitation of vegetable oil and soap factory.
  • Detailed design of cotton ginnery.


  • Audit of paper mill.
  • Audit of NAFCON fertiliser production.


  • Development of food processing industries.
  • Development of wood processing industries.

Western Europe


  • Incinerator for household and industrial wastes.


  • Development of national iron and steel industry – planning studies.
  • Development of national petroleum refining, petrochemical fertiliser industries.


  • Fertiliserdistribution and marketing – national study.

United Kingdom:

  • Ulphuric acid oleum, caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen, caprolactam grade cyclohexane from crude benzole.
  • Hydrodesulpherisation and catalyst trouble shooting.
  • Safety assessments.
  • Hazop analysis.
  • Styrene monomer, pipeline, pumps, offloading and storage – detailed design and construction.
  • Expert witness – Texaco oil refinery – Total St Fergus gas processing, Kenyan fertilisers.

Eastern Europe


  • PVC, polyester products production, machine tools.


  • Audit of fertiliser complex at J SC Achema.


  • PVC emulsion polymerisation plant.-plant audit and design of upgrade modifications.


  • Market and technical studies for aerosol packing and filling, and glass bottle manufacture.


  • Techno economic study of micro propagation of seed potatoes.

South America


  • Tannery waste and environmental study.


  • Rehabilitation of fluid catalytic cracking unit.

Equatorial Guinea:

  • Rehabilitation studies of vegetable oil factories.



  • Cotton ginning and storage. Cotton seed processing.


  • Utilisation of natural gas.


  • Industrial trouble shooting on 26 projects in metallurgical and plastics


  • Ammonia, urea and NPK complex., vitamin C manufacture.


  • Offshore/onshore ammonia and urea complex – Kalimantan.
  • Developments of integrated steel complex, Cilegon – Java.
  • Propylene and polypropylene from refinery gases. Power generation for petrochemical complex – Palembang.
  • Expansion and rehabilitation of marine salt production – Madura.


  • Penicillin production plant. Chemical synthesis plant and downstream packaging of final dosage forms.

Middle East


  • Urea transportation.
  • Urea production facility.


  • Industrial Opportunity Survey.
  • Hazop survey at fertiliser plant.


  • Rehabilitation of national cotton ginning industry (10 complexes).


  • Complex for the production of agrochemicals.


  • Manufacture of VCM/PVC from Sebkha salt and ethylene.


  • Salt production plant.


  • Oil and gas field development including wellhead design, transmission
    lines, gas treatment and NGL plants.
  • Water storage tanks; detailed design.

Saudi Arabia:

  • Inception of a large industrial park.
  • Argon Gas Production.
  • Project managers for vegetable oil refinery.
  • Margarine and ice cream market survey.
  • Paper packaging plant.
  • Cosmetics factory – technical audit.

United Arab Emirates:

  • Full market and technical studies of production of PVC fittings, perfume, gold jewellery and sparkling water.

USA & Canada


  • Benchmarking study of gas processing plants and pipeline systems.


  • Feasibility study for production of LNG in Arctic region.
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